The purpose of this website is to report and document my explorations, investigations, and considerations into the nature of electricity, and specifically that pertaining to electrical phenomena resulting from the interaction between the electric field of induction, and the magnetic field of induction.

My explorations into the nature of electricity started in 2003 when I discovered the works of Nicola Tesla, and then most notably the works of Eric Dollard, and Edwin Gray, amongst others. Basing my experimental departure point on these works I sought to firstly reproduce and confirm the presented experiments and results, before developing and extending my research into further discovery, and with the objective of establishing a deeper working understanding of the phenomena thus obtained.

Much experimentation has been undertaken and accomplished on the journey so far, yet none of this work has as yet been presented or communicated with those other like-minded individuals that have undertaken a similar journey of discovery in this field. Accordingly this website forms my “research diary” of the journey so far covered, and that yet to come. It is my intention to progressively assemble the content of my work over time through text, pictures, and videos, into a coherent and detailed archive of research materials. It is my hope that the presentation of my investigations so far, and those continuing, may stimulate communications and collaborations with others working actively in this fascinating field.

I started this work in 2003 with the intent to investigate experimentally Nicola Tesla’s claim that “Electric Power is everywhere present in unlimited quantities and can drive the world’s machinery without the need of coal, oil, gas, or any other of the common fuels!”. If this indeed is the case then it would have obvious and far-reaching import for the production and distribution of electric power, and the world’s future energy requirements.

Over time I have become progressively more clear that the nature of my investigations into electricity can be understood at a deeper level as a more fundamental set of principles, which together define how the nature of electricity will present itself in any specific circumstance. These principles being explored, and hence the objectives of my ongoing research, are to establish the working validity of these principles and the practical demonstration of their action and relevance in suitable experimental apparatus:

1. Electricity undifferentiated acts through the process of displacement.

2. Electricity differentiated (the electric field of induction, and the magnetic field of induction) acts through the process of transference.

3. Perception is directly influenced and effected by electric displacement, as the primary mechanism of assembling perception.

4. The displacement of electric power is a coherent longitudinal state where the differentiated electric and magnetic fields of induction are spatially in phase and hence undifferentiated.

5. The displacement of electric power always occurs proportional to a load or “need” within a system, where the need cannot be met through the process of transference.

6. Electric power can be displaced between two or more points with additional amplification.

7. Electric power can be displaced between two or more points without loss.

8. Transference of electric power between two or more points always results in loss through dissipation.

9. Transference is the most simple method of generating electric power and requires a common fuel.

I wish to acknowledge a small number of individuals past and current who have assisted me on this journey of exploration. They have been both a source of inspiration to me personally, encouraging me to ever greater efforts, and also have contributed theoretically and/or practically to establish an ever greater understanding of this work. These individuals are: Théun, Neil, Onnik, and Robert who currently continues to work alongside me in the day-to-day practical work. And also to Irina, who stands by me everyday, and supports, inspires, and encourages me to ever greater endeavours.

As way of introduction to myself; science, technology, and computing are my great passion in life, and have dominated my professional career, personal time, and early-life from a young age. My father was an engineer before me, and my mother a particularly creative, insightful, and resourceful person, and who both combined have given me the very best start to a lifetime of creation, invention, and discovery. After finishing school, I studied electronic engineering at university, and then followed this with physics as a post-graduate. My early work saw me trained as a technology consultant and travelling the world solving technological problems in many fields of science and engineering. In more recent years I have invented, implemented, and commercialised a range of different technological inventions from medical laser devices through to water purity generation, amongst other projects and endeavours. Computing and IT has been a mainstay of my commercial work throughout my career, and also helps to fund and resource all of my current research projects and interests.

It is my great hope that the material presented on this website will stimulate interesting and useful discussions with other like-minded individuals, and maybe even lead to new collaborations and projects not yet envisaged.

73 (best wishes),
Adrian – 2E0TLV,