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In a recent discussion regarding the results and interpretation of the Wheelwork of Nature – Fractal “Fern” Discharges experiment on the Energetic Forum, I shared the following introduction in one of my replies, (the full text of this discussion and responses can be read directly on the Energetic forum[1]):

“It is important to understand that the purpose and emphasis that I place on my electricity and energy research is from a multidisciplinary perspective. I have had training in both science/engineering, and also in philosophical/esoteric disciplines. These diverse and separated disciplines are as like chalk and cheese to each other in many people’s perspectives. My objective is to discover over-arching and inclusive underlying principles, mechanisms, and processes that are common in the natural world, but as yet explained differently by different disciplines. My research endeavours work towards understanding the relationship between these diverse disciplines, and hence the theories and conjectures that I make carry understanding and knowledge from different sides of the coin. And make no mistake, there are strong relationships between these disciplines, the underlying principles of life are essentially the same in all disciplines, only the form and context is different.

The principle and mechanism of the “aether” is one such example that you mention that is compatible with my approach. In general, modern science is currently only a good description of the form of the natural world, in other words the outer-world, that is what things are made-of, and how these forms interact with one-another on the outside, in short, the what, where, and the how of the physical form. Philosophical and esoteric disciplines work with the inner-world, intelligence, awareness, and the hidden knowledge and understanding, in short, the why, purpose for, and meaning of, life’s principles. I believe that both the outer (science) and the inner (esoteric) are required for a fully balanced and unified knowledge of life, and to understand our place in its grand design. In antiquity many great scientists were also philosophers, artists, healers etc. but sadly life’s complexity and obsession with only the outer form seems to have all-but silenced this multidisciplinary exploration of life.

The experiments on my website are firstly my own journey of discovery, and secondly offered as detailed descriptions of how to do the experiment, how to design and implement them, setup the apparatus and equipment, and measure and characterise the results, with careful attention to good scientific method, practise, and reporting. This helps to clarify the “air of mystery” that appears to surround this “new energy” field, and others can see how easy it is for example, to experiment with the fractal “fern” discharge. Some may replicate or develop the experiments themselves, and then make their own interpretation of the results in any way that seems most important to them. This is why I say in the write-up and indeed in many write-ups on my website, the interpretation and meaning that I make for the results of my experiments will not be to everyone’s liking, as I am most interested in a multidisciplinary approach to understanding the natural world.”

This research website has so far concentrated on reporting Tesla-based experiments predominantly from the scientific and engineering disciplines, and from the perspective of good scientific method and reporting standards. In conjectures on the experimental results I have ventured a little further into the multidisciplinary interpretations that draw in certain philosophical and esoteric principles such as the “aether”, displacement and transference of electric power, and underlying inclusive and coherent principles and mechanisms. The research reported on this website so far has now reached an important point of departure, where the interpretation of the observed and measured results and phenomena, must be treated with a more balanced multidisciplinary approach, taking into account both the outer scientific physical form or the exoteric, as well as the esoteric hidden inner principles, processes, and mechanisms, which can only really currently be approached through an understanding of the more esoteric disciplines.

In the quotation above from the Energetic forum I refer directly to training that I have received in philosophical/esoteric disciplines, and it is this experience and knowledge that I am bringing to bear on the multidisciplinary approach and interpretation that I present in the analysis of my experiments and measurements. In order to expand the scope of detail of my experimental analysis into this intended multidisciplinary approach it is necessary for me to share in far more detail the nature of my personal training, experience, and the esoteric system of knowledge that I am making use of. By explaining, or making plain externally, this system of knowledge from my own current perspective, understanding, and training, it is possible for the interested reader of this research to understand the presented arguments, analysis, and conjectures from the presented multidisciplinary perspectives.

With this said I can go on directly to introduce my own esoteric training which is a system of knowledge known as the Toltec System of Knowledge. The Toltec system of knowledge is a vast system of experiential knowledge acquired over aeons upon aeons of time, and handed down from one generation to another only through oral and experiential training. The word “Toltec” means simply a man or woman of knowledge, and is independent of race, gender, religion, country, language, or any other differentiating factors within humanity, and hence the Toltecs have systematically developed and evolved their knowledge of life and the universe, often quietly behind the scenes, and far from the normal daily pursuits of the world. Being an oral tradition there is very little from antiquity that can be traced or discovered in terms of formal written records, which is why this vast system of knowledge remains relatively unknown in the modern world. In most recent times the dissemination of the Toltec knowledge was required through the written word which is available directly from Théun Mares, a fully trained Toltec whose volumes of his books are presented in the references[2-8]. I am myself a personal apprentice of the Toltec system of knowledge, and before his death was trained directly first-hand over a period of 12 years by Théun. The Toltec tradition as presented by Théun is for the interested reader, a truly vast journey of learning and training involving many practical techniques which lead the reader to the progressive unfolding of real experiential knowledge of oneself, life, and the natural world.

The Toltec System of Knowledge was intended to be reintroduced to mainstream humanity through a number of different channels including apprenticeships and personal training, self-development courses, and through the Foundation for Toltec Research. The foundation is intended as an organisation that would work on a wide range of research projects in many established disciplines throughout humanity e.g. in science, technology, and computing, medicine and healing, law and politics, philosophy, psychology, religion, and the spiritual, as well as in art, music, and entertainment to name only a few. The purpose of the foundation is to support and develop humanities endeavours in a multidisciplinary fashion using the Toltec system of knowledge to understand the underlying principles, processes, and mechanisms within life and the natural world, and how to utilise these principles to grow and encourage a more inclusive, life-supportive, and co-operative evolution of humanity. This foundation as an organisation is really only at the very beginning, and it requires interested individuals to pickup and run with the ball, familiarise themselves with the essence of the Toltec system of knowledge, and then look to apply this acquired knowledge progressively within their chosen endeavours and disciplines. My contribution to the Foundation for Toltec Research is my ongoing research into electricity and energy, and particularly towards the underlying inclusive, coherent, and guiding principles and mechanisms within the Wheelwork of Nature.

My own purpose with regards to the foundation is not to create or lead this organisation, this is for another’s purpose, but rather to actively use my knowledge of both science and the esoteric to support, contribute-to, and pioneer my own areas of endeavour, establishing an inter-relationship between practical results, experiments, and phenomena, and the meaning and purpose of these experiments through the Toltec system of knowledge. To say it another way, I contribute to building a bridge between what are currently seen as very diversely different disciplines, and help to enable a far broader, inclusive, and life-supportive approach to the natural world. In so doing I will have provided an example of how to approach electricity and energy research from a multidisciplinary perspective, which in turn may inspire others to undertake their own journey of discovery through the foundation or otherwise.

It is also important to make clear that I am not a teacher, master, or seer of any esoteric, spiritual, religious, or mystical discipline, and my purpose does not constitute teaching others how to acquire knowledge through the Toltec approach, or any other spiritual or personal discipline.  Furthermore I do not claim to be a Toltec myself, and I cannot represent or speak on behalf of the Toltecs. I am an active apprentice to the Toltec system of knowledge, and I am using my current awareness, training, and knowledge of myself and life around me in order to progress a multidisciplinary approach to life and make my contribution to the foundation for Toltec research. My understanding and expression of the Toltec system of knowledge is of course limited to my own current personal level of awareness, experience, and training, and hence I can only represent the meaning that I have currently been able to make and verify for myself. If you are fortunate enough to call forth in your life a Toltec in person, then you would be able to gain your own first-hand experience of their vast system of knowledge.

As previously explained, the Toltec system of knowledge is experiential which means that the individual must engage themselves in the process of acquiring the knowledge directly through taking action in their own life. It is simply not possible to acquire knowledge by only thinking about it, this is rather information which is yet to be tested, acted upon, and eventually translated to ones own knowledge through application and life experience. Information is however important as it establishes the necessary framework for the mind to be able to understand what is being proposed, discussed, and what needs to be acted upon in order to acquire experience and hence knowledge. In relation to this the Toltec system of knowledge can be split into the teachings for the right-side which involves all the written, spoken, communicated framework, and the left-side which involves all the first-hand experience of life and the true knowledge of what was simply explained and proposed on the right-side. The left-side knowledge is of course personal to each individual and as such to fully understand or stand-under the Toltec system of knowledge it is necessary to acquire personal experience through application of the principles and processes conveyed by the right-sided teachings. This means that whilst the reader of my research work may have a good grasp of the conjectures, principles, and mechanisms that I will refer to in the interpretation of my experiments, the verification and validity of any of the Toltec principles is for the reader to discover and confirm for themselves through their own current personal knowledge, or through new knowledge yet to be acquired.

This now brings us to a most important understanding of the word esoteric which is commonly defined as[9]: “intended for or likely to be understood by only a small number of people with a specialised knowledge or interest.”. In other words exploration of the natural world through an esoteric approach must always result from an increase in personal awareness. The increase of personal awareness comes directly as a result of the acquisition of personal knowledge, which in turn comes directly from personal experience acquired through actively living life, that is through taking action in one’s life in order to acquire the new knowledge. This said it should be clear to the reader that in order to grow a multidisciplinary approach to life, and if this approach is to be wide-spread throughout humanity, then it is all important for individuals to work as actively as they can to raise their level of awareness to both themselves and the world around them. In this way, and slowly over time, esoteric can become exoteric, the unknown becomes known, and we map out and grow our own personal knowledge, and hence the collective awareness of humanity increases. It is this growth in collective awareness that will bring about a more inclusive, inter-dependent, and life-supportive approach, and a multidisciplinary understanding of our-self,  each other, and the natural world.

The Foundation for Toltec Research has a firm basis in what the Toltecs call the Five Pillars of Wisdom or Human Endeavour, which is a manifestation and application of the Four-Fold Purpose, (to be discussed later in the Toltec system of knowledge). The five pillars represent endeavours of fundamentally different purpose within humanity and it is most important that the name of each of the pillars is not taken at face-value only. Whilst we are forced to use words to communicate ideas and information, we must also remember that words are only just that, words, and as a result do not convey the richness, breadth, and depth of feeling inherent within the actual experience that the words are intended to represent. This is a most important guiding principle in becoming familiar with the Toltec system of knowledge, or for that matter, to understand any experience in life, that whatever is at hand should not be taken directly at face value only, but rather absorbed fully in an experiential way, and in order to truly grasp the meaning inherent within the experience, and hence the learning, and hence the acquisition of new knowledge. It is simply not possible to acquire new knowledge and understanding whilst we already think we know the meaning of the experience, and there is always new knowledge to be gained if we care to look more openly, closely and with greater depth.

With this said the Five Pillars of Human Endeavour are as follows, (and will be covered in much more detail in the appropriate section within the Toltec system of knowledge). In the East is Education, in the West is Medicine, in the South is Religion, and in the North is Politics. Encompassing all directions of the four-fold purpose is the fifth pillar, or rather a moving and containing circular trajectory which is Science. Whilst this may seem a somewhat small number of endeavours when we consider the diversity within humanity, it is important not to take these names or words at face value, and recognise that each pillar is an archetypical vibration, and that most endeavours will fall within a combination of these fundamental archetypes. To assist the reader to visualise the five pillars, figures 1 below show images of an embodiment of this system from the online audio-visual journey of the Toltec Teachings by Théun Mares[10,11]. This audio-visual journey was produced as an online teaching facility to preserve for posterity aspects of the Toltec knowledge for humanity, and was originally produced and launched using Macromedia/Adobe Flash[12] in 2009. Flash reached end-of-life as an Internet technology at the end of December 2020, and hence the audio-visual journey is now in the form of a video of the interactive journey and can be accessed here, or through Théun’s original website Toltec Legacy.

In summary to this introduction to my multidisciplinary approach to electricity and energy research, I intend to explain my understanding of the Toltec system of knowledge in a sequence of articles on this website. By explaining some of the most central principles, processes, and mechanisms in this system of knowledge, I can then more fully apply this knowledge to the interpretation of my experimental results and measurements, and I can more fully explain and develop the conjectures that I am making. In so doing a bridge of understanding will progressively be built between different disciplines, and most particularly in my own research between science or the exoteric, and the esoteric. By taking this approach, and in building this bridge, I would hope to be able to give the reader of my work a more clear and broad perspective on life and the natural world, and hence make my small yet valuable contribution to the evolution and raising of awareness in humanity in an inclusive and life-supportive manner, and also play my part in the first steps towards the Foundation for Toltec Research.

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