Flat Coil Impedance – Part 3

This part measures the coil impedance characteristics Z11 (magnitude and phase) for the flat coil in a range of different experimental scenarios. There are some preliminary results presented here in order to give an indication of the more complex frequency characteristics that exist within the experimental scenarios. The measurements and explanantion of the results presented here is still work in process and hence this post has not been fully finished at this time. As soon as time allows I will extend the range of measurements and experiments, and provide more detailed explanations and implications of the presented results. The impedance characteristics reported so far currently relate to the following experiments:

1. Two flat coils bottom-end connected via a load and being used for experiments in the displacement and transference of electric power.

2. Two flat coils bottom-end connected to the earth with ground rods and separated in distance by 250m being used for experiments in the telluric displacement and transference of electric power,  (the generator flat coil in the lab, and the reception flat coil in the surrounding forest).

The details of these experiments will be reported in their own posts, although some pictures of the experimental arrangements are provided here for clarity, along with the preliminary impedance characteristics measured in those experiments.

Figures 1. show the experimental arrangements being used:

Figures 2. show the impedance characteristics measured for these experimental arrangements:

Note: this post is to be completed to include a more comprehensive set of impedance characteristics for the full range of experiments undertaken, along with their consideration, explanation, and implication to the purpose of the overall experiments.

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